International seminary for all believers in Christ

Inter-denominational, non-denominational, private and international bible training school for Protestants, Charismatics, Pentecostals, Orthodox, and all Christians who believe the bible as the only holy and inerrant word of God

Loaded Curricula

With over 143 lecture series in video, audio and lecture notes formats, Bible Life School is set for transformational leadership development in the church and the entire society.

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School Anthem

All the nations of the earth shall hear
Your word your name
And they shall stand in faith
Rooted in your word
They shall be unfailing in sending your love to the world...

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Mode of Programme

The Bible Life School operates a weekend programme in a Study Centre in Lokoja on Fridays (4 – 6pm) and Saturdays (9am – 2pm).

Study Centre: Christfield Schools, Old Poly Quarters, Lokoja, Kogi

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Curriculum Distribution Policy for the Study Flash Drives

1. Bible Life School (BLS) is a fully registered and recognized theological college in Nigeria, with an international affiliation in the USA. BLS runs a full Certificate (1 year), Diploma (2 years), and Degree (4 years) programmes with a conducive physical classroom located in Lokoja Nigeria, and a robust online platform for prospective candidates in

It’s our 3rd year anniversary

It started as a burden, then a challenge and then a vision! Before it became a reality and ever before we agreed and decided to walk in it, the Lord went ahead of us. He made all crocked places straight and gave us a great favour before the people. Though we encountered challenges but He

Open Leadership Seminar – Part 3

One major challenge of the Body of Christ today is that many men preach about Jesus without knowing him. Believers are looking and searching for powers because they don’t have an adequate revelation of Christ. Many cast out demons in his name without knowing him. Many pay tithes and offerings to him without knowing him.