Christian education is deeply going down in Nigeria. How many churches still have active Sunday schools for children and youths? How many ministries run intentional bible studies as a day of activity where questions and answers can be taken? We now have a generation of young people who cannot defend why they are Christians and have no idea of life after death. Other faiths and cults easily deceive our children with the same scriptures they read. Right Christian values are no more passed down to children by parents. Parents are more concerned with sending their children to school to become doctors and lawyers than training them to defend the faith that was once delivered unto us. We have left our roles to be played for us by the circular world. Unfortunately, the circular education cannot pass down doctrinal Christian values. In fact, gruesome plans are on the ground to eliminate Christian religious studies from public schools if not for spirit-filled believers who put in relentless efforts against the move. Yet, the battle is not over. To have generational generals like Joseph and Daniel in the bible days, we must settle down to teach our children the bible.

Not just children but leaders in general. We now have a new generation of ‘pastors’ who know close to nothing about the bible. Those who claim to know teach glaring errors to their clueless congregation in the name of anointing; pastors without credentials and credibility. In fact, churches now design their own ‘bible school’ where they do nothing but preach the church dogmatic belief. This has been the cause of doctrinal errors and poor preaching/teaching of biblical truths.

It is with this premise that the Lord burdened us with the vision to raise sound biblical believers and leaders. We’ve carried this burden for years and have actively worked on its actualization for 4 years now. We have had lots of high-level consultations and collaborations with renowned fathers of the faith in Nigeria and beyond. We have received great favors and seen awesome acceptances.

Finally, we have got both international and local recognition to run this vision to reality. To the glory of God, on 1st August 2017, the Corporate Affairs Commission gave us approval. It is our joy to formally announce the inception of Bible Life International School with full curriculum support from Third Millennium Ministries, USA.