International Linkages: Bible Life School

The Bible Life School is an international bible training school in theology and Christian ministry. The school is dully registered in Nigeria. The curricula are developed by 

  1. Third Millennium Ministries, USA (
  2. Holy Bible Foundation, USA (

The programs we offer will lead our students to a Certificate or a Diploma in Theology/Christian Ministry.


Local Linkages: Bible Life School

The Bible Life School leverages on the rich experiences of renowned theologians through consultations and fellowship. We maintain high goodwill and apostolic blessings of respected fathers of the faith in our locality. Other organised relationship and membership we seek

  1. Association of Christian Theologians
  2. Pan-African Ministerial Association


...rooted and built up in Christ!

Extraordinary Leadership

Welcome! Admission is in progress at Bible Life Theological School Lokoja. We are an international seminary that raises disciples of Jesus Christ and trains ministers of the gospel with a mission to getting them deeply rooted and built up in Christ! Our curriculum is richly provided by Third Millennium Ministries, USA and fully contextualized to fit the work of the ministry in Africa by our faculty leaders. Register Today