Our logo is a shield of faith conveying the good fight of faith: standing in defense for the gospel we profess. We stand deep rooted and built up in Christ who is the source of our victory.

The black represent a dark world of unrighteousness. The red ray represents the blood of Jesus. The green ray represents the victory from the blood. The white dots represent the believers’ life of holiness flowing from the power of the blood and gradually eliminating the darkness. The seven stars represent the churches and the church leaders which we are called to train and equip for the work of the ministry. The stars are repeated on the opposite side of the shield signifying a constant victory without decrease in number. The blue ribbon represents winning to the finishing line.

The significance of the logo emphasizes the victory we have when we are deeply rooted and built up in Christ. We can boldly defend the gospel in righteousness, lead as stars in the church and shine as lights in the world.