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Programme: Diploma in Christian Theology & Ministry

Programme Code: DP/CTM/

Duration: Eighteen (18) Months

Admission Requirements and Prerequisites:

A believer with:

–          O/Level: minimum of 5 credit passes in any subject including English Language in not more than two sittings

–          A Polytechnic Diploma, HND or University degree certificate in any course of study

–          A Certificate in Christian Theology & Ministry (BLS), Certificate in Christian Ministry (BLS) or any other Christian certificate in missions, leadership, discipleship and biblical studies.

–          Note: A minimum of 90 credit units is required to graduate (including all the compulsory electives which were borrowed from other programmes)

Dr Course Code Course Title Credits Lecturer Sign/Date
Alpha1 Semester
3 months Core
CTM101 Old Testament Survey 2
CTM103 Hermeneutics 2
CTM105 Introduction to Old Testament 2
CTM107 Introduction to New Testament 4
CTM109 Pauline Epistles 4
Total 14  
IEC101 Internet Ministry 2
ATR101 African Traditional Religion 2
IRS101 Islam 2
Total 6  
Total Units 20  
Omega1 Semester
3 months Core
CTM102 Introduction to Theological Studies 5
CTM104 Christian Doctrine 5
CTM106 Christian Ethics 4
Total 14  
IEC105 Psychology of the Cyberspace 2
DSP101 Basic Discipleship 3
LLS101 Life and Leadership Seminars 3
Total 8  
Total Units 22  
– End of Certificate Program  –
Alpha2 Semester
6 months Core
THG200 Systematic Theology I 4
BIB200 Biblical Foundation 3
THG204 Biblical Doctrines I 3
THG206 Mission and Evangelism 3
THG208 Spiritual Formation 3
Total 16  
DSP208 Christian Growth 2
DSP204 Advanced Discipleship 3
DSP206 Future Prophesy 3
Total 8  
Total Units 24  
Omega2 Semester
6 months Core
THG201 Systematic Theology II 4
BIB203 Biblical Doctrines II 3
ETG201 Linguistic Foundation 2
THG207 Pastoral Foundation 3
THG205 Historical Theology 2
THG209 Project 4
Total 18  
CPY200 Christian Philosophy 3
ENG200 Literary and Communication Skills 3
Total 6  
Total Units 24  
Total Cumulative Unit 90