Go for a sound theological training

I was once a victim because I remember not attaching any relevance or importance to sound theological training as a called minister. But thank God that today I am still enjoying the impact and benefits of adequate theological training.

The truth is that after I attended my first school of ministry I knew something was still missing, I was still struggling with rightly dividing the Word of Truth. After much prayers and word meditation was led to attend a seminary where a serious theological foundation was introduced to me. I further was led to another theological seminary where the Holy Spirit through his words qualified me on how to boldly live and lead in life and ministry with confidence.

I am no longer a victim but rather a victor. The truth is that I am not writing to either promote or encourage rebellion but speak up on the need for proper, adequate, sound and rewarding theological training. These will help to resurrect great destinies and give potential leaders opportunities for a fulfilling life and ministry.

Permit me to say finally that I am still yet to recover from the encounters of sound theological training. Still feeling the impact as I go ahead to impart lives with and for the Lord God Almighty. Shalom.

Israel Ozonga (Academic Dean, Bible Life School)

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