Jesus had a bible school

A brother wants to attend a bible school. Another brother tried to discourage him with the following words “It’s of no use. Pray to God for the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not attend bible school and none of the apostles did. Study the Bible intensely. Go to church regularly…”

My response:

Wow. What a subtle error. Jesus was a teacher, a rabbi! That means he did not just attend a bible school, he had one! Every rabbi has a school and a group of students in different levels! Jesus had students too, 12 in number! He taught them regularly and exposed them to different ministry issues. It was different from attending to regular synagogue services and temple functions.

All the prophets in the scriptures were also trained! You need to learn about the school of the prophets in Kings where the sons of the prophets are trained.

It is a very terrible and subtle error to believe that attending a bible school is a waste of time and hence your church services suffices it. That you attended church services regularly cannot replace sound theological training for ministry and leadership.

What you do in church services are devotional discipleship for your personal growth and responsibility in the Lord. It is different with bible school where you’re trained to divide the word rightly by yourself, minister it to others and take up leadership responsibilities for the body of Christ.

It will amount to laziness to sit back and assume that your church services suffice a sound theological training. Those who cast aspersions on theological training are usually those who operate with zeal without knowledge. They’re the inventors and preachers of these doctrinal errors we deal with today. Not even your anointing and charisma can replace a sound bible school training.

In fact, even a school of ministry in your church cannot replace a comprehensive bible school training. Do not be in a haste to condemn what you know nothing about. Teaching is a full ministry gift like the Apostles and Prophets; it is an office empowered by the Holy Spirit himself, the greatest teacher. You cannot do well in ministry until you submit yourself to the ministry of a Teacher. That’s the order.

Be serious and committed to your church services but avail yourself the precious opportunity of sound theological training especially if you have a call or leads in the church.

Emeka Ogbuju (Rector, Bible Life School)

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