Some know him as a northerner while others may know him as a westerner, yet few know him as an easterner but many others see him as a non-Nigerian. Israel Ozonga was born in a Muslim and Commercial Town of Jimeta Asarawa, Yola. At some point in his life, Israel Ozonga became troubled with the situation and condition of people, especially of those affected by the inter-tribal and religious fight that he witnessed as he was growing up. This made him become soberer and ponders on how he can be of help to these hopeless victims;  “how I wish I was one of these rich men” was what sometimes rings in his mind. It became clear to him that he was born for a purpose, to teach and give wise counsel with the help of the Holy Spirit trying to reconcile men unto God. This passion drove him to research into other religious background, cultures, and denominations.

Israel Ozonga is a young and upcoming scholar; he attended Government Day Secondary School Suleja & Government Science Secondary School FCT Abuja. He got his first Diploma in Theology at Purpose Driven Theological Seminary (Formerly World Outreach Bible College) Abuja. Before graduation, he served with Militant Evangelical Ministries for two years. After a thorough evaluation of his academic and Christian commitment, he got a scholarship to study B.A Religion at West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS) Lagos. He also earned his B.A in Christian Education at the same theological seminary, affiliated to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. While studying at WATS, he was privileged to serve the Scripture Union Campus Fellowship Lagos, an arm of Scripture Union Nigeria in the following positions: Group Bible Study Secretary and President, Regional Prayer Secretary, and Regional Secretary.

This young, vibrant and dynamic minister derives joy and fulfillment in preaching, teaching and educating, and counseling and encouraging. He reads all he’s able to read and write all he’s able to write with an increasing passion to positively influence the hopeless around and beyond. His merciful and compassionate spirit is always towards the suffering, less privileged, maltreated, and the poor in society. His itinerary preaching ministry has taken him across Nigeria as he also desires to partner with other Bible-believing and reputable churches and ministries. In 2012, Israel Ozonga founded Face Life International Channel, a ministry which God himself laid in his heart as a forum for addressing issues and condition faced by believers in the society. Israel Ozonga desires and strives to make an indelible mark on this side of the world, aggressively reclaiming territories for God’s kingdom.

He is a member of the Institute of Management and Good Governance of Nigeria. He is a Lecturer at the Kogi State Polytechnics, Osara Campus. His role as the Academic Dean at the Bible Life Theological School includes teaching and administrative responsibilities to raise ministers of the gospel that would be deeply rooted and built in Christ.  He is married to Tessie the love of his life and they are blessed with lovely children.