Open Leadership Seminar – Part 3

One major challenge of the Body of Christ today is that many men preach about Jesus without knowing him. Believers are looking and searching for powers because they don’t have an adequate revelation of Christ. Many cast out demons in his name without knowing him. Many pay tithes and offerings to him without knowing him. The church pray in the name of Jesus without knowing him. Many are doing miracles in his name without knowing him. Some men we are clapping for as great Men of God in the Body of Christ today are just men doing what Jesus referred to as the “work of iniquity” Matt.7:22-23.

What is being preached on most church pulpits today are washed down gospel, or better still, what Apostle Paul called “the other gospel”. The church is majoring on Demonology, a gospel that creates a devil that is more powerful
than the “Christ in me”.

Pst. Femi Durotoye took this seminar in an awesome manner at the 3rd Open Leadership Seminar Series of the Bible Life School on 13th June, 2020. Download the Durotoye – SEMINAR PAPER.

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