Why School of Theology ?

Someone asked me “I attended a school of ministry in my church; why do I need to attend a school of theology?” Here was my answer:

There is a huge difference between the School of Theology and a School of Ministry. A School of Ministry is a subset of the School of Theology. If you need a holistic skill in ministerial arts, then you need to attend the school of theology. In the school of theology, you are introduced to a larger concept of biblical understanding and interpretation called Hermeneutics. It takes a minister with the skills of Hermeneutics to present biblical truths with clarity, without reading his/her own meaning into the scriptures. The skills of Hermeneutics will help you to understand when to apply eisogesis and when to stick with exegesis. In eisogesis, you minister with personal rhema while in exegesis you teach biblical truths allowing the bible to interpret itself. But how do you do these? The answer is in Hermeneutics principles. Surprisingly, we have reviewed many manuals of the school of ministries in different churches and found they lack basic Hermeneutics principles. What most churches do is a school of ministry e.g. WOFBI, DUSOM, etc… All they do and teach is summed up in one course only – Pastoral Theology. It is good to do them but they are not sufficient in themselves to make you a minister that would rightly divide the word of truth.

Apart from Hermeneutics, in theology you are exposed to Homiletics (preaching skills), Testamental Surveys (holistic overview of each bible book), and so many others – over 18 courses! You are further exposed to spiritual matters in deliverance and the works of the Holy Spirit in the now! You are made to encounter power for service and leadership. It is beyond being a pastor, it is about being a leading minister.

That’s what we do at Bible Life every weekend. You can join us. And if you want to review our courses, please log on to our online portal and enjoy them here. Visit our online learning platform at https://online.biblelifeschool.org/ and peruse our courses. Each course has been exclusively contextualized.

It is not a school of ministry in your local church or a 3 months crash course in a roadside make-shift setup; it is a full christian theology and ministerial training under the power of the Holy Spirit.

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